Why Deck Railing and Gates Made With Cable Railing Are Such a Great Match

Decks come in all shapes and sizes – and their railing is no exception to the rule. From wooden slats to vinyl and cable railing, property owners have plenty of ways to express themselves and create functional installations.

Of course, not every design statement is a roaring success, particularly where personal taste is concerned. Some decking choices, however, stand out for their universally appealing aesthetic and undeniable convenience. Here are a few reasons you might want to think beyond just the railing itself for your next deck upgrade project.

Why Consider a Full-on Cable Installation?

One of the nicest things about decking upgrades is the amount of control you have. While you can do the work yourself, you don’t even have to go that far to exercise your freedom of choice. Unlike with some kinds of home improvement, it’s easy to mix and match materials and styles until you find the perfect combination.

This can be a double-edged sword when you’re not quite sure about what you want, but here’s a design tip: Repetition is always your friend.

If you’ve built or are thinking about building a deck railing using cable, then building your gates from the same material is a natural choice. Not only does this create a unified style that brings the entire installation together, but it also saves you from having to make tough decisions about color matching or finding compatible materials. When you work with a complete system, it’s far easier to realize cohesive results.

Creative Flexibility Without the Hard Work

One of the neatest aspects of creating gates from the same cable hardware used for your deck railing is that it really opens the door to creativity. For instance, suppose you decided to go with a premade gate in a wooden slat, vinyl, or even chain link style. The odds are good that you’ll have to settle for standardized sizing, boringly overused design features, or finishes that don’t quite fit the bill!

Maybe you’re the type of hands-on person who can build your own solid-panel gate with no problem. Great for you! For the overwhelming majority of homeowners and contractors, however, this just adds unnecessary complexity to what ought to be a very straightforward project.

With cable railing, you get to stretch your DIY muscles without doing as much hard work. You can still assemble customized gates in your choice of colors, styles, and sizes, but the process is far easier – If you’ve installed cable railing, you’ve already got most of the necessary skills. Combining cable railing gates with the rest of your deck barrier is a relatively easy way to build something unique, long-lasting, and visually pleasing.

Why Cable Railings Work so Well in So Many Places

What’s behind the growing popularity of cable railings? These fixtures offer a sleek, modern appearance that can complement any deck design. Even if you favor the traditional rustic look, it’s hard to argue with adaptive cable installations that go with everything.

Same Capabilities, Less Heavy Lifting

For many people considering new deck railing, the clincher is that cable also has some serious functional advantages over other railing types. These railings are extremely sturdy and can support ample loading, yet they’re made of lightweight materials themselves. In other words, you can complete an installation with all of the same end benefits and less manual labor.

Maintenance Made Simple

Cable railings also come with extremely low upkeep requirements. Since they expose less surface area to the weather, they’re easier to clean, inspect, and maintain. Are you a busy homeowner who doesn’t have the time to constantly clean and repair your deck railing? A cable system might be the ideal choice.

Thanks to their open construction, cable railings are much less likely to block views than other types of railings. This is especially beneficial for properties with stunning natural surroundings – You paid a premium for a parcel with a nice view, so why not enjoy it?

Finally, cable railings are a great choice for decks that are located in high-wind areas. The cables provide an unmatched level of flexibility and a minimal profile that help the railing system withstand strong gusts and storms without batting an eye. If hefty debris gets blown at your deck and causes damage, you’ll find it a lot simpler to make repairs.

Achieve Your Decking Dreams With High-quality Cable Railings

Cable railing’s myriad benefits make it an awesome option for refreshing a home’s style. It’s easy to install, effortless to maintain, and it does its job faithfully without compromising your view.

The Maisy Railing team has sourced a collection of proven cable railing systems and hardware suited for any deck or gate, so it’s easy to get started. Our experts are always happy to help answer your questions to put you on the path to a smooth installation. Chat with us, or check out our selection today.

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