Why Contractors and Property Owners Love Cable Railing

Cable railing uses strong wire cables instead of traditional solid spindles, beams, slats, or balusters. The result is a clean aesthetic that’s more contemporary and modern than other options.

This type of railing is especially useful if you have a view that you want to highlight. It also works well around stairways and gates that are hard to navigate.

When choosing a railing material, you need to take loading into consideration. For example, imagine you’re installing a new railing around a deck. The existing structure will need to bear the weight of the upright posts and railing runs as well as the horizontal or vertical elements that fill in the gaps – so heavy hardware may be out of the question.

Cable railing makes these planning and design challenges easier to take on with complete confidence. As a lighter alternative to other options, it not only reduces strain on decks, stairs, and gate hinges but also simplifies installation. Since you don’t need any extra fasteners or tensioning tools to mount and fix the cable securely, you can tackle much larger jobs without a lot of help.

With our bundles and singles, you can finally build a better railing system that broadens your horizons instead of obscuring them. Thanks to its minimal surface area and stainless steel construction, cable railing is a low-maintenance, highly durable option for fleshing out a design in short order.

Want to get a big project done in a single step? We’ve sourced affordable, high-end steel fittings and longer-lasting cable to help you stay within your budget, no matter how big the job is.

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